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Mississppi River and bluffs
Randy and his wife Kathy,  live in the most scenic part of Wisconsin, and maybe the US - Prairie du Chien, WI.
During Randy's teaching career of 33 years and after retirement we traveled throughout the United States and Canada. We visited State Parks, Provincial Parks, National Parks, and points in between. We  even spent a few winters in southwestern US.
After each one of our trips we always returned to southwest Wisconsin, and Wylausing State Park. Camping high atop 500 foot bluff , overlooking the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, sitting around the evening campfire, we reminisced about what we have seen and visited.  But none could ever replace Wyalusing State Park. We agreed; if we were ever to sell our house in southeast Wisconsin, we should live here. Long story, short: we did!
Now, we live in Prairie du Chien, WI, where the sun is always shining, the moon is always full, eagles are always soaring, and money drops from the sky. (Well, maybe not all the time.)


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